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A lot is involved with a renovation project. It is important to find glazing that perfectly suits your specific situation and needs. What will it be? Together, we look for the best option.

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Replacing glazing without major changes

A renovation project does not always have to be huge. Sometimes it is enough to replace old glazing with new ones that better meet what you need. At SprimoInstall, we can even do that without major changes to your interior. How? We replace the current glazing without removing the current frames. With the finishing touches, and the windows in their (original) frames.

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Complete renovation or renewal

Do you have big renovation plans? We like that. Our specialists will guide you with advice and support, because they really know everything there is to know about glass. They are happy to advise and assist you. Rest assured; we will take care of your glass project from the concept phase until all the glazing has been fitted. And we make sure it is done well.

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Historic glass

Historic buildings such as castles and churches, or properties such as mansions, owe much of their charm and character to the glass used. Is that glass in need of replacement? That brings unique challenges. Our craftsmen know how to do this better than anyone else: you want to preserve that charming look, of course, but at the same time meet modern requirements. You can confidently count on our years of experience with historic glass.

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Choosing the right glass

Different types of glass have different properties. This makes it harder to choose the right glazing for your specific project. Do you have a big window on the south side? Then solar control glass is a good choice. We briefly sum up the different comfort points for you.

Cool Your home will not become a sauna thanks to the immense solar control ability of our glass.

Heat Your house heats up faster and the heat stays inside longer: after all, our glass insulates better.

Silence An end to noise pollution, and your concentration, sleep and health will all improve!

Safety Strong glass protects you from burglary, cuts when glass is broken and, in the worst case, bullets.

Privacy Rather keep eager eyes outside, and let light into your home.

Colour protection An additional UV protection layer prevents the sun from discolouring your interior.

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Very satisfied with SprimoInstall

We have been working with SprimoInstall for several months, and we are very satisfied with this collaboration. Overall, the deadlines have been quite short, the prices reasonable, and the contact with Mr. Jacquemin very easy (he is very accessible), and the workers are friendly.

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Ready to bring your glass project to life? Or do you still have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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